Sunday, May 02, 2021

Excerpt From Wake Me


Dear Reader:

Over the next few months, I’m going to be putting out some of my classic erotic stories in new packages. Next up is Wake Me, a sexy little one-shot novella that should appeal to everyone with a taste for bad boys and wicked romance tropes.

Wedding Photographer Chloe Hart has just been dumped when she receives a mysterious gift: a painting of a handsome knight in a heavy gold frame worked with what appears to be magical sigils. She promptly hangs the painting up in place of her cheating ex-boyfriend‘s portrait.

That night, she has the most delicious dream of Lord Radolf of Varik, the medieval conqueror who has just seized her castle. He seduces her in a red-hot encounter that makes her forget all about ol’ what’s his name. The next night, Radolf is back, this time as the captain of a pirate ship, while she’s a passenger on the ship he’s just boarded. The night after that, he’s a Wild West sheriff.

Night after night, Radolf and Chloe act out some deliciously erotic scene from her favorite guilty-pleasure romance novels. And every single dream seems utterly real, down to the last scent and taste.

What Chloe doesn’t realize is that what’s all fun and games for her is desperately serious for Radolf. He’s been a prisoner for eight hundred years in a castle of a witch, and he can’t escape until he can find a woman who cares enough to free him. Is Chloe that woman?

Even as the two begin to fall in love, a new and horrible fear grips Radolf: what will the witch do to Chloe?

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In this excerpt, Chloe has her first dream encounter with Radolf, finding herself the lady of the castle the knight has just overrun. Her elderly lady-in-waiting warns her to play nice with the conqueror...

“Heed me well, girl!” She shook an arthritic finger under Chloe’s befuddled nose. “None of your sharp tongue! Make him happy, or…”

“Wait a minute,” Chloe interrupted in growing outrage. “Let me get this straight. You expect me to play hide the broadsword with this guy so he’ll make things easier on everybody else? Forget that. No way am I…”

The man from the painting walked through the castle’s great doors, his chain mail ringing with every long stride. He looked even more stunningly gorgeous in person.

As Chloe gaped, he headed straight for her. His eyes burned hot and hungry, green as emeralds in sunlight, and his smile was raw, distilled sex.

Aimed right at her.

Chloe licked suddenly dry lips and squeaked, “On the other hand, what’s a little self-sacrifice between friends?”

When Radolf of Varik finally stopped to loom over her, her knees went weak. Damn, he was big. His green gaze flicked down to her cleavage in blatant anticipation, then up to her face again. Something in his expression put her in mind of Rhett stalking a particularly fat chipmunk. “Well met, milady.”

She gave him a dazed blink. “Right back atch…”

He went for before she could even get the rest of the sentence out of her mouth.

The kiss was not even remotely foreplay. It was a sex act all by itself, conducted with lips and tongue and teeth as Radolf’s big hands cupped her head and turned it here and there for his leisurely conquest. He bit, he licked, he suckled. He claimed every last millimeter her mouth.

And while he was at it, he made all kinds of feral promises about what he’d do to the rest of her, without ever saying a word beyond soft male growls. He made her feel more thoroughly plundered in five minutes than Chris had managed in six years. By the time he finally put her back down again, she was swaying.

It took her a full thirty seconds to realize she was also trussed like a turkey on a cooking show.

Chloe blinked down at herself in astonishment. Her wrists were tied behind her back and lashed tightly against her body with multiple turns of rope that circled her torso just under her bust. The pose thrust out her breasts, making the hard peaks of her nipples doubly obvious under the thin blue silk of her kirtle. “How the heck did you do that?” she demanded, too surprised for anger.

Radolf gave her a lazy grin. “Magic.”

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Following Wake Me, I’ll be releasing the very first vampire novel I ever wrote, Forever Kiss, which I wrote in 2000. I’ve been revamping (see what I did there?) the book, taking out references to things like beepers and cleaning up a few other elements to current tastes. Like Wake Me, it will be published by Changeling Press.

Have a great spring. And thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Angela Knight