Sunday, July 13, 2008


Thought I'd share a little about how things have changed on the TIME HUNTERS series. I had originally intended to do five books, but I developed a killer case of writer's block, and realized it was because I couldn't figure out how to plot that many books. So now it's going to be a three book series instead.

If you've read WARRIOR, you know that I included the first chapter of a new book called ENFORCER. As it happens, I couldn't get that book off the ground no matter what I did. Just wasn't working. And I was pulling my hair out.

About the same time I was struggling with that, my gallbladder went south. It's a side effect of gastric bypass, basically. The gallbladder stores gall for use when you eat fatty foods. If you don't eat much fat, the gall hangs out and turns into stones. Which then get shot out when you eat something like a hamburger. This is excruciating. First time it happened, I honest to God thought I was having a heart attack. My surgeon told me I was going to have to have the gallbladder out. I didn't much want to do that, but after five or six attacks in the course of a month, I decided pain sux. So out it came.

Now, I had to go on hydrocodone, (AKA Vicodin or Loratab.) First because of the pain of those damn stones, then because of the surgery, which HURT, then because my back went out because I was favoring my abdominal muscles.

(By the way, I developed a thankfully brief addiction to that shit, which I kicked by going cold turkey as soon as I realized I was hooked. Jesus, that was scary. DO NOT TAKE THAT CRAP one second longer than you have to. It's evil. Getting off it was no fun, either. The first three days I was miserable, because I craved the damn stuff so BAD. But I refused to get the prescription refilled, and now the craving is, thank God, gone.)

But while I was floating in my fluffy pink hydrocodone fog, Nick Wyatt came to call. Nick is absolutely the sexiest freaking hero I think I've ever created. He's half Xeran (Yes, the evil bad guys in the series) and he has cool psychic powers. To be honest, he was inspired more than a little by Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden, except sexier. HA!

Thing was, I knew he wasn't the hero of ENFORCER. I also knew that if I put him in ENFORCER -- and I tried -- he would take the book right over. He was that hot. So I talked to Cindy Hwang, my editor goddess. Somewhat to my surprise, she told me to drop ENFORCER and do Nick's book next. ENFORCER will be the third book; Dona and Alerio will get their story, just not the way I originally planned it.

So now I'm writing GUARDIAN, which stars Nick and Riane Arvid, Jane and Baran's daughter. (Jane and Baran being the couple from JANE'S WARLORD.) I am really stoked about this book, and I think the fans are going to love Nick. I'm already in love with him.

In other news -- WARRIOR made the New York Times list! I am SO excited. Oh, yeah! Doing the dance of joy!

Anyway, wish me luck on GUARDIAN. Thanks!

Angela Knight


Bonnie Rose Leigh said...

I cannot wait for Guardian.Warrior was an awesome book so I'm not surprised it made the Bestseller list. I even blogged about Warrior right after reading it, I was so impressed with it.

Bonnie Rose Leigh

Pollyanna said...

This series is going to be a hit! Must you really end at 3 books?

Angela Knight said...

Pollyanna -- Well, if the series does well, I will probably do another arc, much as I have with the Mageverse. I have been worried about whether readers will go for the science fiction angle in the book. We'll see!

Angela Knight

Leslie said...

First off, glad to hear you’re feeling better. Never had gall stones, just kidney stones and those were a b*tch.

I totally enjoyed Jane’s Warlord so I’m looking forward to reading Guardian. I have to confess I haven’t read Warrior yet but it’s at the top of my TBR mountain. lol

Congrats on making the NYT list.

Lena Austin said...

Congrats on the NYT list, AK.

Yeah, gallbladder stuff sucks big green donkey balls. Glad you had yours out.

Stephanie said...

Angela, congrats on kicking the Lortab.. I know it's a hard habit to break - I had severe kidney stones about 8 years ago... and was on Lortab for about 3 months.... yeah it is HARD to get off it... Had shoulder surgery in January and Doc gave me Lortab... I took... two and then because I absolutely had too... but I still heard those little buggers going "Here I am, don't you remember how good I made you feel? The Ortho said you could thake them..."

Can't wait to read Guardian.

Joyce said...

Just finished Warrior and so loved it. Fantastic writing! I was going crazy trying to find out when Enforcer was coming out but now that I have read your blog I will be looking forward to Guardian.

kassiana said... does this mean we finally find out what really happened to Jane's mother? I've always felt a bit let down that Jane never found out in Jane's Warlord.

Also, I must congratulate you on your short story in Beyond the Dark. Finally, someone who recognizes that people in the real world know about science fiction media! Why do so many science fiction writers think that real-world people don't know about the X-Men?

Kealie Shay said...

Loved, loved, loved Warrior. Devoured it when it came out.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and can relate in regards to the Hydrocodone. Luckily, I developed an allergy to them... whodathunk I would be grateful for an allergy!

Cynthia Eden said...

Angela, I am so sorry to hear about your health trouble--damn but that sounded tough! Glad you're feeling better now.

Good luck with your story--I'm sure Guardian will be great.

Jen H said...

Great to hear that you are feeling better! I loved Warrior! I can't imagine that Guardian and Enforcer won't do as well if not better. I can totally see this series going beyond 3 books. The response has been fantastic and I know I would love to read more in this universe! Congrats on NYT list, I'm really surprised that Mageverse didn't make the lists as all of those books were fantastic and are in my repeat read pile. Have a fantastic rest of week and weekend! Jen :)

lovesbooks said...

I have always loved science fiction movies and I love, love, love the erotic science fiction aspect of Angela Knight's books. I was waiting with baited breath for Enforcer and have now been blind sided by Guardian. I can't wait until Guardian hits the shelves. I may advance order it on Amazon. One way or another I'll buy it. Angela Knight is one of my top authors along with Lora Leigh and Christine Feehan. I love all of Angela Knight's books and I hope that she never stops writing them.

Angela Knight said...

Thank you! That's really kind!

Angela Knight

Falyssa said...

I absoloutly love The Time Hunters series, I was hooked when I read Jane's Warlord(what can I say, I'm a sucker for a guy with long hair)and just finished rereading Warrior. I have to find Guardian, though.

Angela Knight said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it.

Angela Knight