Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Angela Knight is teaching a new workshop...

Last call for my month-long October workshop, Putting Teeth in Your Paranormal Romance: Vampires, Werewolves, and the Women Who Love Them. The class is $20. It says the deadline is Sept. 25, but registration is still open if you get it in in the next day or two.

I'm going to spend the first week discussing worldbuilding: how to construct a paranormal universe with plenty of sexy umph. The next week will be devoted to constructing heroes, heroines, villains and minor characters. Mixing the paranormal with ordinary folks can be a little tricky, and I'll talk about the best way to pull that off. In the third week, I'll talk plotting: how to keep your readers eagerly turning pages. Then in the last week, we'll talk romance and love scene construction.

For more information, drop by the Heart of the Carolinas here:

Thanks, gang!



Jordan Summers said...

Angela, Will you be teaching this class again in the future? I'd love to take it, but I'm in the middle of a book right now. :(

Angela Knight said...

I'm sure I will be teaching it again. I save these and present them. :)

Thanks for your interest!


Jen said...

I enjoyed your blog!
POV is a real biatch at times especially when you write stream of conciousness.
well nothing is ever as easy as it looks.
you look terrific!
I am glad you were able to trim down to a healthy weight. you have such a fun, vibrant aura about you. Your story will inspire many.
take care,