Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New website is up!

My new website is up at www.angelasknights.com. I'm a terrible perfectionist, but I actually think this one doesn't suck. :>

I'm also hard at work writing my lessons for my class on writing erotic romance for Passionate Ink, the erotic romance chapter of Romance Writers of America. The class is free to those who join PI. (Which means that though the class is free, joining PI and RWA is not.) On the other hand, I plan to come out with a paperback version of the class, so that may be something you'll be interested in.

Passionate Ink is here, by the way: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/erw_org/

If you're interested in writing erotic romance, that's definitly the loop for you.

I'm also involved in renovating the house. This is proving to be, not surprisingly, a bigger PITA than I expected. The flooring guy is coming next Monday, Oct. 24 to install new floor, which means I have to get the walls painted before then. Which shouldn't be a problem, except I've got these flipping wallpaper borders up. I have a kit with wall paper paste removeal stuff and this claw thing and a scraper, and it's still just a huge hassle. If anyone has suggestions on how to do this without pulling my hair out by the roots, I'd love to hear it. :/


Bernita said...

Sympathies. The removal, the washing, the rinsing, the patching...
Have tried soaking a wallpaper section first with a mild solution of TSP before scraping to good effect.

no.one said...

The new site design looks good (loads faster also).
:) Still can't wait for Master of Wolves (whining voice-->Aprillllll?! /end whining voice :)

eeewwwww Poor You! Wallpaper removal?! ick, that's hair pulling frustration.

Julia Templeton said...

Hi Angela,

Love the new website! Easy to navigate and nice graphics.

As to the wallpaper problems. I went through the same thing a couple of years ago, and found a product called DIF at Home Depot. It's a gel that keeps the wallpaper wet, and in some cases the border/wallpaper slides right off. Sometimes you have to use the scraper and some elbow grease, but the secret is keeping it wet. Great stuff and it will save you a lot of aggravation. Good luck with the renovations!

wendywoo said...

Sympathies re. the renovating and the wallpaper... I bet you'd much rather be writing! :)

The new web site is terrific... and so is the erotic romance course!



Lynn said...

Looks great!