Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Relief

I know a lot of us don’t have much money. But if you can afford it, please consider a donation to the Red Cross for the Hurricane Katrina victims. I made one yesterday, but I suspect it wasn’t enough after watching the heartbreaking coverage of the hurricane.

I was shocked to see so many reporters crying. I’ve never seen on-air reporters cry before, though God knows I cried plenty of times doing stories. Tells you how bad it is, when even CNN hardcases are breaking down.


Shannon McKelden said...

I saw the reporters crying, too. Broke my heart. The last time I saw them cry...9/11. Sigh. I joined them then and now.


malbert said...

Thanks so much for your donation. I am a New Orleans resident in exile. Luckily, I have friends to stay with. There are so many who are not so lucky and are depending on the Red Cross. Most of us will not know if we have anything left for weeks. Once again, Thank you.