Thursday, January 06, 2005

Snoopy Dancing!

You guys should have seen me yesterday -- it was a red-letter day, to make up for an otherwise sucky Christmas. First I got my royalities for FOREVER KISS and discovered I'd sold 18,000 copies! That's darned good for a small press, and the resulting check was nummy.

Then my Berkley editor, Cindy Hwang called and informed me the anthology I'm in, BITE, made the new York Times Bestseller list at 23! (Cindy gets the NYTimes list before it comes out on Sunday.) And -- YAY! It's 19 on the Bookscan list, which is taken from direct sales of almost all the bookstores in the country. That's fantastic!

I've also been nominated for a Cupid and Psyche Award for my ebook, "Stranded," as well as an Ari award for one of my covers.

Also, I finished doing the artwork for my website update. I should be putting it up in a couple of days. Thanks!

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Lynn said...

I know this is a bit after the fact, but a big fat WOO HOO on your news!