Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Arcane Heart is up for preorder! And news about the New Mageverse book...

I'm so excited! I got my paperback proof of Arcane Heart today, and it looks terrific! Now all the preorder links are officially up, so I have those to share too.  Here's a taste... 
The wildest passion has claws.
When a pair of cops with magical abilities become the target of a hate group, they must unravel the plot against them before it costs them their lives -- and love.
Deputy Erica Harris is a witch who can see the magical auras of those around her, a talent which helps her determine when someone intends to commit a violent crime. Her partner, Deputy Jake Nolan, has a psychic link with an African lion that allows him to manifest the animal’s powers.
But it’s tough to serve and protect when demagogues stoke public fear of you. As the two cops fight to unravel a politically motivated web of hate and deceit, Erica and Jake are targeted by a magical assassin hired by the plotters.
While dodging murder attempts, they begin to fall in love. But as Jake’s desire makes his inner lion more possessive, his self-control erodes. Can they afford to take a chance on love when so many lives hang in the balance?
 And here's an excerpt: 
Fingers brushed the bare skin of her collarbones as if her bullet-resistant vest had turned to mist. An electric jolt of pleasure zinged through her, so intense it almost stung.
Erica’s eyes sprang wide. Jake watched her hungrily, gold eyes glowing as his thumbs brushed back and forth over her uniformed chest. One hand slid down, and she rocked back, instinctively giving him room. Room to trace down her sternum, dance across the upper curves of one breast, then down the slope of it…
Fingers brushed nipples with a sensation so vivid, she looked down, half-expecting to find her clothes had disappeared.
Both uniforms were still there. He was using his feral magic to manipulate her aura. “Oh,” she breathed. “That’s… incredible. I didn’t know you could do that.”
“You’d be surprised what I can do.” Jake’s smile took on a darker cast as he magically toyed with her, fingers brushing over the vest.

Arcane Heart will be out September 21, 2018
To Pre-order: 
In the meantime, I'm also finishing up my next Mageverse novel, Master of Valor. Handsome Afghan war veteran Duncan Carpenter survived a horrifying IED attack that cost him his legs. He got a second chance at life when he discovered he was a Latent: a descendant of one of the Knights of the Round Table. When he agrees to become one of the immortal vampires sworn to protect humanity, the spell that transforms him heals his amputations and gives him incredible abilities.
Now he has to pay for them: the Magekind is preparing to go to war against vicious magical enemies. But first he has to complete an apprenticeship with a beautiful witch, Masara Okeye. 
The task becomes even more complicated when the pair are sent to assist a werewolf investigating the brutal murder of a mortal woman. 
Then things get really weird. 
Look for Master of Valor around Halloween. 


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